2006 Yamaha Stratoliner S

Stratoliner S (customizable) Lockable side storage, Pass seat, backrest and pegs, driver floorboards, large windshield, hwy crash bars and more!

WELCOME TO THE NEW ERA OF TRAVELING IN STYLE. A 113-cubic-inch V-twin powered neo-streamlined cruiser with locking sidebags, detachable windshield & passenger backrest, and chrome everything.  This Stratoliner is basically just a Roadliner with bags and a windshield, so you might wonder why Yamaha would hold a separate press introduction for the Strato.  This ability to be readily customized is paying off with a loyal brand following. The Star lineup has grown more than 30% in the past year, and the “My Star” section of the Star Motorcycles website had 31,000 owners who registered after just four months. 

First off, the Stratoliner makes for a fine piece of curbside jewelry. Yamaha’s attention to detail with the ‘Liners is superb, and no longer do metric cruisers deserve a second-class citizen tag. This is a machine that draws in eyes, and lingering glances are rewarded with lovely components from stem to stern. Shapely fenders imply motion, instruments look like a high-fashion wristwatch, and the paint quality is impeccable. The days of Japanese cruisers being seen as low-rent Harley knock-offs is over.