2005 Kawasaki Vulcan® 1500 Drifter®

Vulcan® 1500 Drifter®

In the late 1940s, Americans turned on their radios to listen to big band music, drove large, powerful cars, and their motorcycles were as stylish as they were functional. The Kawasaki Vulcan® 1500 Drifter® captures the mood of this era with its low, slung chassis, sculpted fenders and fishtail muffler. But underneath its beauty is the advanced engineering of a modern Kawasaki motorcycle. A big, 90 cubic-inch, liquid-cooled V-twin engine provides the Drifter with modern cruiser performance. High compression and aggressive cam timing provide the healthy power output, while each cylinder features a single overhead cam actuating four valves. Hydraulic valve lash adjusters reduce maintenance. The big cylinders breath through the dual 36mm throttle bodies of a Mitsubishi digital fuel injection system. A separate intake tract for each throttle body provides smooth engine operation, and the tip of each injector contains four nozzles, with two of those aimed at each intake valve. The system "brain" uses readings from sensors that monitor engine coolant temperature, intake air temperature, atmospheric pressure, intake air pressure and throttle position to adjust the amount of fuel delivered. The result is excellent engine response and power with enhanced fuel efficiency. The Drifter's five-gallon fuel tank incorporates an electronic speedometer for a clean, sleek look and includes an LED display for the odometer and tripmeter, as well as the clock. Starting is made easy via an automatic fast-idle system. The pilot can simply turn the key and push the starter button to get the engine roaring and keep it rumbling smoothly during warm-up. The fast-idle knob can be utilized for extremely cold weather or high altitude starts. The Drifter's frame uses large-diameter tubing as well as a large-diameter steering head for strength and rigidity. The front fork and rear shocks provide a comfortable ride and superior handling, and the Drifter's floorboards and wide handlebar provide an easy-going, upright riding position. Other conveniences include self-canceling turn signals, single multi-reflector headlight and a storage compartment beneath the left side cover.